Plastic Pollution Prevention

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Plastic litter is very costly because on the West Coast there was a recent EPA study, "the cost of cleaning up marine litter comes to more than $13 per person per year". However thanks to the support of the state of califorina and the federal evironmental organization, many of the Los Angeles region has installed "screens on more than 50,000 storm water basins, as well as inserts that keep all but the smallest plastic pollution out of local rivers, beaches and bays". With the support of the bans on single-use plastic bags in many local groceries it will reduced plastic bag uses up to millions. All of these measurements were use to lower the chances of plastic ending up in the ocean along the West Coast. However there is a problem in Statewide because legislation to ban plastic bags has failed numerous times due to successful lobbying efforts from plastic bag manufacturers, however more than 10 million Californians living in cities where plastic bags is banned are doing pretty well, which is a major success on the movement to removing plastic pollution all over Califorina.

Why is plastic bad?

Many must have observed that grocery shops these days do not use plastic bags anymore. There is a reason plastic is slowly disappearing, because it is a conscious effort by everyone as plastic is very harmful for the environment. The reason that plastic is harmful to environment is because it's not eco-friendly the plastic has harmful chemical that bio-organism would likely die from. And due to human activity it also lead to pollution problems that may cause some serious environment issues. For example humans are know to throw their trash all over the floor without having a thought what would happen later in the future because it's not a big deal to them, big corporation lying that their trying to save the enviroment but are the ones causing the problems because of their own greed, and many who are just careless not paying attention what's going to happen later in their lives if they keep this up.

Plastic Hazards

The toxic in the plastic is really bad because it may cause cancer or other unwanted health problems. Polyvinylchloride is one of the dangers of toxic plastic that comes from every day water bottles. Scientists were able to find "cancer, birth defects, genetic changes, skin diseases, deafness, vision failure, and liver dysfunction" which is real bad for any living organism. Also it can be transfer from one animal to another if the animal ate the plastic which contents the lethal toxics than is later enten by another living organism. And the possibility of the toxic passing from animal to human is very likely to happen if the person eats the animal while contecting the toxics in it's system. If this were to accour, the person will not notice it at first until days later and may need medica attention in order to clean their system from the toxics and will likely need check-ups to see how well they are doing after recoving.

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