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National Poverty Essay Brief Description

The Majority of American children in public schools are in low-income situations,and this can be a major problem for the future of The United States workforce. The percentage of children who qualify for free or reduced lunch has increased from the 32% back in 1989 and passed 50% back in 2013. According to Steve Suitts there are three reason why children in public schools are in poverty. "The economy is recovering but it`s still not producing enough good paying jobs that could help families become financially stable". "The increase of immigration is bringing more children in poverty into public schools". "High income families are having fewer children". Many children are increasingly leaving schools with fewer qualifications when employers are looking for educated employees this makes jobs less likely for high schools drop outs. The U.S. performance as a whole will decline until we assist low-income students to perform at higher levels".

The best solution for bringing families out of poverty is "Creating Jobs" it`s the best pathway to create opportunity, we will have to open up about 5.6 million job oppotunities for people in the U.S. However according to "Center of american progress" this will take until july of 2018. To start of, our government should invest in job growth strategies like rebuilding our infastructure renovating abandoned household and other common sense investments. When people struggle with financial problems the economy also stumbles and that effects everyone. The economy has been improving but not at a quick enough rate. When more people fall into poverty at a much faster rate than people finding jobs. More teens are dropping out of high school and are not getting there neccesary requirments.

Most americans spend one-third of there money just to be able to work because one year of child care cost them more than one year of tuition. Investing in affordable high quality child care and early education. These investments can help support families with childcare and let them work for the future of the improvement of the economic mobility for America`s children. It`s not only an economic win but benefits the nations children with early access to education and starts the sprout of early education.

Health issues are also effecting the economic stats and increases poverty because still today 23 states refuse to cover medicare for adults even with the "Affordable care Act" that had "High quality and affordable health coverage for millions of americans. This makes the lives of the poor even harder to deal with. If medicare was expanded it would mean more than just free healthcare but would open up a families income for more basic needs like paying rent, or putting food on the table for a family. Having this health benefit of coverage is also a good defense against the economic consequences because hospital bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy.

Poverty has many extensions and education is one of the most important one. Many solutions are out there they just need some reinforcing and advertising. Many families need the help and if that help is given then the effect can be greatly positive not only for those in poverty but for those helping. The economy will be effected positively and will help everyone in the country.

International Poverty Essay Brief Description

�I don�t have any dreams.What�s the point? I�m poor.I don�t have any skills.I wash the utensils in the kitchen�that�s what I do.But I like the girls I work with. We make fun together.I tell jokes.They tell jokes. I�m happy�it�s in my nature.�This is the response a woma in New Delhi, India, told photographer Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, who asked her about her dreams.This is suspected of a country that, "The World Bank estimates 33 percent of the population lives on $1.25 or less a day and with a population count of around 1.2 billion, that leaves 396 million people living in poverty".She is not the only one who thinks this way millions of other people who are poor don't have the resources to go to school and make something of themselves.You may be thinking,"but this doesn't involve me",or,"I would like to help but how can I".In simple terms it does affect you and you can help, the ways you can do this is by improving education overseas,informing yourself of poverty and it's effects, and improving a culture or goverment.Keep in mind that the issue of poverty won't be solved overnight or will it be easy but it still is important to acomplish the task.

"In the year of 2011, 57 million primary-aged school children were not enrolled in school in developing countries".Considering this statistic one can infer that not many children grow up to become successful.This is a problem becuase it just leads to the cycle of poverty.Withoght an education they can be taken advantage of, work for a low wage, or understand their poverty situation.The way they can do this is by creating or joining a organization which helps in building a school for many different places.Whith this children can have meals,be safe,and have their time occupied.Now with schools the poor people can educate themselves and help themselves with the knowledge they gained.

Poverty is a big issue and most people who live in the developed world dont know how it looks like.In many undeveloped countries people live off on $1 or $2 and many have jobs which treat them badly. problem that effects us is how big businesses are moving overseas to get cheap labor and becuase of this may people in the U.S. are losing jobs.Also thanks to poverty is that our milatary is being sent to unseveloped countries instead of help in developing.If we cant help these people who will.

The goverment of all the third world country have a bad goverment, for what government let it's people suffer.Take for example Mexico it's one of the richest country with it's oil ,unfortunately their gvenment is corrupt and keeps the money to themselves and pay off loans and don't use it to help their papaer.By changing curropt governments we can help the poor that live in their own country.A qoute by World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim �Every dollar that a corrupt official or a corrupt business person puts in their pocket is a dollar stolen from a pregnant woman who needs health care; or from a girl or a boy who deserves an education; or from communities that need water, roads, and schools. Every dollar is critical if we are to reach our goals to end extreme poverty by 2030 and to boost shared prosperity.�This tells of the severity of the issue.

I would like to make dreams possible to people like that women in New Delhi so as to not have people think this way ever.By improving education we save a child,by informing ourselves over poverty we make the issue more personal,and by improving governments in the third world we help millions of poor people who don't have a voice.This however can't be acomplished if we don't take a stand to help.

Local Poverty Essay Brief Description

Whenever you are walking through Los Angeles you can see homeless people that have nowhere to go, that are in the ruins by either debt or unemployment, and their only �home� is a box. Each year, homelessness seems to grow and not many people are realizing it, the homelessness percentage has increased 12% over the last 2 years and it will only become worse if we don�t do anything about it..

Whenever you are walking through Los Angeles you can see homeless people that have nowhere to go, that are in the ruins by either debt or unemployment, and their only �home� is a box. Each year, homelessness seems to grow and not many people are realizing it, the homelessness percentage has increased 12% over the last 2 years and it will only become worse if we don�t do anything about it.

Some solutions to the homelessness problem in Los Angeles could be fairly simple if the public and government put in their share. An article in HuffPost Impact by Joel Roberts �Top 10 Highlights of 2013 in Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles� he suggests that the government could give more money to shelter homes or soup kitchens, the government could provide cheaper house funding for the homeless, and that there should be public/private groups that should house homeless veterans. Half of the homeless people that you see are ex war veterans, ruined by what they weren�t provided or what they couldn�t afford, if people were to help house them perhaps there would be a lot less than we see now. The money, shelter homes have been receiving have decreased over the last years the government should consider contributing a little more to them.

the homelessness situation can be sovled if the public and goverenment put in their share. the biggest cause of this situation goes to the increasing cost of health care and rents causing the homeless to lose their homes. the people of los angeles can form a group dedicated to helping the homeless by building them a shelter and providing them an aid kit. on the other hand the goverenment could provide soup kitchens with more money and food for the homeless. the goverenment has enough food to feed everyone, but the prices are to expensive and all the extra food just rots away. with that amount of food the homeless wouldnt have it to hard.

The issue of poverty will only increase is we dont do something about it. if we can all come together to solve it perhaps it wont stop, but it will slow it down. not only the poverty in los angeles but all over the world.